Welcome to MMS Law Office

Ardin Sitorus

Founder And Managing Partner

Manus Manum Serviat

One Hand Serve the Other

"Primum Non Nocere"

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus

above all, not knowingly to do no harm

We come, We see, We win

One of our expertise focus

Manpower & Industrial Relation

Our Credo and Professional Values

Highly Integrity and Ethical Standards

Fairness, Honesty and Mutual Trust

Avoiding Conflict of Interest

We Strive for Service Excellence

We represent client in all faces of banking and finance, including

advice on legal documentation, commercial and syndicated loans,

security agreement, project finance, workout and loans restructuring, etc

Corporate & Commercial

Alternative and Acquisitions

Merger and Acquisitions

Foreign and Domestic Investment

Commercial Contract and Negotiation


Legal & Manpower Consultants

Advocates & Attorney at Law





MMS Law Office was founded on faith, trust and public confidence to participating in promoting and creating a harmonic dynamic, fair business, good corporate governance and industrial relation practices. We provide assistance to a wide range of Clients within the country and abroad. We are strongly committed to serving our client by devoting services of legal expertise, diplomacy, and strategic planning with high quality and integrity all to the needs and interests of our clients.