MMS Legal Office has particular strengths in several practices areas that enhance our ability to assist clients with various business activities. These areas included, among others are :

A Written Legal Opinion

Our professional team is here for you. If you have legal problem, please don't hesitate to write down your major legal issues in the email form and send it to us. We offer you a special rate on US $ 300/hourly basis spending on the preparation and completion of written legal opinion.

Legal & Service Fee

We normally used hourly rates basis as a guide to determine fees. It reflects the time devoted to serving Client, the expertise and the experience of the Lawyers involved. At present our billing rates generally range from $500 for a Junior Lawyer, $1.000 for a senior, partner and managing partner $1.500 - $5.000 per hour. In some events we let the Client know in advance what particular services are likely to cost before we decide to handle the cases. We usually request advance payment for significant out-pocket expenses. For particular cases such as litigation and labor dispute settlements we may make exception e.g. by project basis as agreed with the Client.

We are available for a phone consultation. Just call us to schedule your phone/teleconference consultation. We offer you a special tariff on US $ 300/hourly basis consultation, charged after the consultation is completed.


Labor, Employment, Collective Labor Agreement, Labor and Industrial Relation Dispute Settlement, Bipartite, Mediation and Conciliation, Arbitration, Industrial Relation Court, Work Term and Conditions, Working permit, Working and Service Agreement.

We advised Clients on Indonesian employment and separations agreements. We assist our Client in formulating and negotiate the content of Collective Labor Agreement (CLA), service agreement, settlement of labor disputes, industrial relation in or outside the Court including bipartite process, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and industrial proceeding. We developed and maintained excellent top level network and relation with related government especially Manpower Department throughout Indonesia. We also serve advice on immigration matters, especially for expatriate visas, working permits and other relevant government approvals. We work closely with experienced immigration consultants to help ensure timely processing and approvals.


Loan Agreement, Commercial and Syndication Loans, Corporate and Project Finance, Letter of Credit, Commercial Paper, Floating Term Notes (FRN), Personal and Corporate Guarantee, Work Out and Restructuring, International Transaction, Leasing, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives.

Our Lawyers represent Client in all facets of banking and finance, including advice on documentation for commercial loans, syndicated loans, letters of credit, construction loans, project finance, workout and loans restructuring, leasing and security arrangements, corporate finance and investment, including convertible bonds and exchangeable bonds, issuing of Floating Rate Notes (FNR), Medium Term Notes (MTN), foreign exchange transactions, international swap, option forward and other derivatives transaction. We regularly advise our clients on emerging legal in Indonesia's rapidly changing financial markets.


IPO, Securities and Commercial Papers, Legal Opinion, Bond Issues, Convertibles, Assets-Backed Products, Securitizations & Other Finance Options, Legal Auditand Due Diligence, capital ventures.

We provide a wide range of service to financial institution, companies, investment bank, investors in capital market transaction including Initial Public Offering (IPO) and listing of securities and development of the new products, particularly in international and domestic IPO, Legal due diligent, Legal Opinion, bond issues, securities, commercial paper, including in establishment of securities companies, capital venture and all related matters in the capital markets.


Joint Venture, Joint Operation, Leasing, Foreign and Domestic Investments Merger and Acquisitions, Legal Audit and Due Diligence, International Trade, Venture Capital , Drafting & Negotiation of Contracts, Labor and Employment, Agency, Distribution and Franchising.

Merger and Acquisitions We are capable to undertake Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transaction regardless of size and complexity of the cases. We provide best expertise and experience in structuring, negotiating and documenting M & A transaction to meet the prevailing law and relevant legal provision, regulatory and tax requirements.
Foreign Investment and Joint Venture We counsel foreign corporation and investors doing business in Indonesia. This involves advice on establishing joint venture and other investment structures in any kind of industrial and services sectors, including assistance in drafting, negotiating of commercial and joint venture agreement, and obtaining government approvals and licenses.
International Trade and Distribution Our Lawyers are experienced in structuring agreements for the manufacture, supply, promotion, sale and movement of goods and services, both domestically and internationally through distribution, sales agency arrangements, franchise and licenses. The firm advises on anti-competitive trade practices under a new anti-trust law, product liability issues and on labeling and packaging requirements. We also have expertise on tariff and non-tariff barriers to the importation of goods and services.


Land Certification, Project and Construction Financing, Housing, Apartment, Land Security and Guaranty, Transfer of Rights, Land Sale-Purchase, Transfer and Land Acquisition.

We counsel and assist our client on land certification, land acquisition for housing, apartment or commercial and industrial needs. We have strong skill and expertise in many aspects of land laws including sale-purchase, leasing and settlement of land disputes.


Trademark, Patent & Copyright, Filling, Protection, Action on Infringement, Litigation.

We have a strong intellectual property practice, including an anti - counterfeiting practice, capacity. We assist foreign and Indonesian companies in obtaining trademark, copyright and patent protection and provide related litigation services. We are experienced in licensing and registering intellectual and industrial property rights, including software, technology, and knowhow and manufacturing processes. We work closely with and maintain a good relationship with the related Department.


Criminal and Commercial, Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Bad Debt and Credit Arbitration, Administrative Proceedings & Other Alternative Dispute Resolutions in and Outside Court.

We provide advocacy services for cases involving appearances before Indonesian courts, including trade mark, copyright and patent opposition and criminal litigation, bankruptcy, insolvency and other commercial litigation cases. Our Lawyers assist clients in formulating commercial litigation strategies, assembling and analyzing evidence and handling matters at trial. We also provide professional services to assist clients engaged in bipartite process, mediation, arbitration of labor dispute settlement including arbitration of commercial disputes in or outside of Indonesia.